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The Auphe, also refered to as Grendels are supernatural creatures who reside primarily in Tumulus.


Auphe are pale, with sharp claws, and needle like teeth. They have molten red eyes (more often described as the crimson red of human blood) and stringy white hair. They're most closely associated with elves and have pointed ears, though the elves of folklore and fairy tales are incomparable, both in stature and nature. Generally they are considered the vicious and ill-favored predator of all the paien. All of them have voracious appetites and nothing but hatred in terms of emotion, even for their own kind. In Nightlife they are alluded to being somewhat lazy and lethargic; though considering them as such would be your last mistake. they are one of the fastest, volatile predators of all the paien. In Moonshine they are mentioned to have a bad sense of humor. They are extremely intelligent, and often when they plan something, it's a long and complicated one.


Auphe have the ability to 'gate'. Gates are torn holes in the world. Gates can connect from location to location and can also connect to a place called Tumulus. In order to gate somewhere, the user must have previously visited that location. Auphe are also known for their super-speed. In groups they can take down creatures much larger than themselves. They also have the ability to reproduce with other creatures.