Blackout is the sixth book in the Cal Leandros series by Rob Thurman. Blackout is preceded by Roadkill and followed by Doubletake.


Half-human Cal Leandros has always walked a bloody line between keeping his mortal soul free and clear (sort of) and unleashing the horror of his otherworldly heritage. The one thing that’s always saved him is the memory of his brother, Niko, his friends, and those he loves.

Until now.

Cal wakes up on a beach littered with the recently slaughtered remains of a variety of hideous creatures that were obviously looking for trouble. The fact that he was the one doing the slaughtering doesn’t bother him. The fact that he feels like a natural-born killer doesn’t either. What bothers him is that Cal doesn’t remember Cal anymore…

And he’s not sure he cares.


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Plot PointsEdit

-Takes place in Nevah's Landing, South Carolina -Cal can still gate

-Delilah's pack Lupa has been taking over the Kin.

-Cal has Auphe brothers and sisters.


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