Georgina 'George' King is a powerful human psychic living in New York City.


George first appears in Nightlife as a 17 year old girl. She has curly red hair, golden-tanned skin, some freckles and huge brown eyes. Usually seen in long dress's and his slim enough to pass as a young child. Half white american and african american.


George is a psychic who practices in an old quicky-mart. In exchange for her gifts, she asks only that customers buy an item to support the location. Samuel is her uncle, and has commented that her power vastly exceeds similar others. George is in love with Cal, and while the feelings are returned, the relationship never progresses.

During Moonshine she is kidnapped and held hostage in exchange for an artifact.

As a self imposed rule, she refuses to look into her own future.

She has played a minimum role in Deathwish and Roadkill

She was mentioned breifly in Doubletake during a flashback. During which she held a teaching position at a local college.


George has several talents. One of which is her future sight, making her a seer. George can look into a person's future. As of the author's word, her abilities have increased since Doubletake in which she can now manipulate memory and possibly affect what another person sees.[1]

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  1. People are not reading Ch. 10 closely enough. No one died. Someone did get better at using their talent & can now alter memories