Grimm is a half-human half-Auphe hybrid first appearing in Doubletake.


Grimm's sense of style, dress, and brand of attitude mirror Cal's. He is older than Cal with white hair, red eyes, and a double layer of razor sharp needle teeth, which retract. He usually can be seen wearing sunglasses.


Grimm was caged and tortured by the Auphe for 18 years before escape from Nevah's Landing.

Grimm likes to learn, and periodically kills off his teachers once he is through with them.

At one point he met a certain teacher, George King.

He plays with Cal on several occasions, but doesn't seem to have any plans to hurt Cal's loved ones.

Grimm currently is carrying out his plan to create a second wave of Auphe called the Auphe-Bae, or simply Bae. He does this through mating with many/a Succubus to produce a litter which will grow and mature extremely fast. His plan is to create enough that their reproductive quickness rivals that of human beings, thus taking back the world. Currently his number of offspring is around 1000.


  • Grimm shares abilities similar and sometimes better than Cal Leandros.
  • Grimm can gate with no limit or restriction.
  • Grimm is also smart and extremely motivated.
  • Grimm has a sensitivity to the sunlight, but can see extremely well in dark environments.

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