Ishiah is a male peri living in New York City. He owns and manages the bar called The Ninth Circle


Ishiah is a blond with dark blue-gray eyes and heavily resembles Niko Leandros. He has a pair of wings that appear and disappear, especially when angry or stressed. His feathers are white and barred with gold. Like most peris, he has what Cal calls a "hellacious" temper.


Ishiah has a history with Robin Goodfellow and knows highly personal information about him. Ishiah hired Cal Leandros as a favor to Robin. As of [[Roadkill], he and Robin are in a relationship. Ishiah makes an appearance in the Trickster series.


  • Via Danyeal, Ishiah is rumored to have a dog; he “rescued” it from one of his bar patrons, who had brought the animal along as a snack. (MH 105)

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