Janus is an Automaton that first appeared in Doubletake.


Janus is shaped like a man, but 9 feet tall. Janus looks almost entirely made of black metal, with its face accented with dark tarnished iron. It has a metal cowl that resembles a helmet. Black fangs and spearhead shaped scales. Behind its scales is a lava-like substance that match its eyes. It has no hands, just claws extending from the wrist. The claws are 4 to a wrist, each 2 feet long. The mechanical creature smells slightly of sulfur.


Janus was transfered from Hephaestus' control to that of the Vayash. They used it as a weapon to destroy their clan's burden.

Janus was wakened by a sacrafice of a 16 year old Vayash male.

Janus was deactivated by a sacrifice of Emilian Kalakos.