The Mullo are the closest to zombies as one can get in the Prenatural world, as they are, in fact, the reanimated dead. They aren’t born or bred, an anithealer needs to raise them; the only known anithealer powerful enough to do so is Suyolak.


Unlike a zombie, they don’t lust for brains, they don’t shuffle and moan, and they certainly don’t keep their human form. They come from the ground, much like the shuffling zombies of B-movies around the globe, but once they pull themselves out of their graves the flesh falls away; leaving the skeleton, ligaments, and cartilage behind. The skeleton is no longer used, and the pile of flesh grows hundreds of little tentacles which allow it to move, as well as two feelers that allow it to “see.” The color of each individual Mullo varies from a mottled-green to flesh colored, depending on the rate of decomposition.

Mullo are fast, not what you’d expect from an overgrown amoeba, and are difficult to fight. Again, depending on the state of decomposition, they range in texture from a Jell-O like texture to solid entities. No matter the texture, the most efficient way to kill one seems to be to cut it into pieces, wherein it will simply die, as they have no regenerative properties.


Legend says the Dhampir are the offspring of a Mullo and a Human, and are born as a pile of flesh as slick as mucus. This, as is the case of most myths, is untrue, as Robin Goodfellow points out in Roadkill (page 121), they are actually the same creature.