Nevah's Landing is a fictional town in South Carolina.

Plot PointsEdit

Insterestingly enough, backwards, 'Nevah' spells 'Haven'.

For Cal it becomes a safe haven whilst escaping from the antagonist Ammut's Nepenthe spiders. It is the 'safe' place he remembers and returns to.

Town LayoutEdit

  • Begonia Avenue: The motel Cal stayed at, two antique stores, and a drugstore are on this street.
  • Magnolia Street: Magnolia Street crosses Begonia Ave. Lew's barbershop is on this street.
  • Oleander Street: Contains Mrs. Terrwyn's Oleander diner two blocks from Llewellyn's barbershop.
  • A shack lies near the water just outside of town. There are rocks and tall grass there.

Town PeopleEdit

Nevah's Landing is home to:


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